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We are passionate about the quality and taste of the food we serve you, where we source from, how it is cooked and our environmental responsibilities. Here is an insight into our approach to ingredient procurement and food preparation.

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Whiteheads fish and chips - we care about our fish

Our Fish

To enable the Whitehead's Team to serve our customers with the best taste in fish and chips, the availability of consistent quality, sustainably-sourced wild seafish is vital. We offer fully traceable sustainable cod and haddock from our supplier XpressFish from Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries; caught and quick frozen at sea to seal-in the fresh taste by ThorFish, the Icelandic fishing company. Whitehead's MSC Certification Chain of Custody Code number is MSC-C-53712-33

Whiteheads fish and chips - we care about our potatoes

Our Potatoes

Just as with our fish, we take great care over the supply of our potatoes and have developed a close working partnership with a local East Yorkshire potato grower with whom we have worked for a number of years. From field to Whitehead’s Fish and Chips is just a 10 minute drive; probably the lowest food miles travelled by any British chip shop spuds. We are delighted to announce the chips we serve are the new season Accord potato crop, all freshly-cooked...delicious. Ask our staff about the potato varieties we use throughout the year.

Whiteheads fish and chips - we care about how we cook your meal

How we Cook

Many of our customers dine with us because they want to avoid allergy causing foods, saturated fats or because they are vegetarian. We only cook using 100% non-gm rapeseed oil meaning all our non meat products are vegetarian friendly. Fish is cooked separately from our chips and our batter is milk free in both our gluten free and standard batters. We are confident we are serving foods that all our customers can enjoy, whilst observing their dietary needs.

Whiteheads fish and chips - we care about our gluten free options

Gluten Free

For many people, intollerance to certain foods affects their health and wellbeing. In the case of coeliac disease, a gluten free diet is essential.

Our takeaway and restaurant menus include a wide choice of gluten free meals (marked GF). We advise all customers following a gluten-free diet to notify serving staff of their needs. We cook all our gluten-free foods separately, to order, in a dedicated kitchen to ensure there are no traces of gluten; no matter how miniscule.

Choice of 3 Portion Sizes - including Gluten Free

Fish and Chips are healthy eating as part of a balanced and calorie controlled diet. The Whitehead’s Team want you to enjoy Fish & Chips and get value for money with the portion size to suit your individual appetite. Our takeaway & restaurant serves:

Lite-BITE® / Childrens*

Fish 4 - 5oz
Chips 5 oz


Fish 7 - 8 oz
Chips 7 oz


Fish 10 - 12 oz
Chips 10 oz

*These are approximate cooked weights and, as all orders are hand served, minor variations may occur.

Typical Nutritional Values

We strive to provide as much information as possible about our food so you can make informed choices. Whitehead’s Fish & Chips can be eaten as a part of a healthy diet but, as with any meal, portion size is key to the total amount of calories per serving. The following - all cooked in non-gm 100% rapeseed oil - is a guide to help you plan your diet.*

8oz Battered Cod - Per 100g

8oz Battered Cod - Per 100g

Calories 250kcal
Fat 18.6g
Whitehead's Chips - Per 100g

Chips - Per 100g

Calories 200kcal
Fat 9g
Whitehead's Mushy Peas - Per 100g

Mushy Peas - Per 100g

Calories 100kcal
Fat 0.5g

Above nutritional guides are for cooked weights in tests carried out by National Federation of Fish Friers - For more information: National Federation of Fish Friers - Fish and Chips Nutritional Information

*Whitehead’s Fish & Chips are freshly cooked in non-gm rapeseed oil from natural ingredients and hand served. Minor variations may occur in calorific and fat content from one serving to the next due to factors such as total fish weight and chip sizes.

Whiteheads fish and chips - we care about our environmental responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Positive steps to minimise Whitehead’s environmental impact:-

  • Recycling of packaging and cooking oils is sound economics and reduces waste.
  • Returnable containers for oils for optimum storage and efficient handling.
  • Litter bins provided for all takeaway boxes; we regularly check for any stray litter.
  • Sustainable Fishing methods.
  • Low food miles for potato supplies.